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When the rules say that your young children should be placed comfortably and securely at the rear seats of the car, you follow such recommendations and actually provide safety measures. And you would want to do that by getting a car seat for your youngster to use. Now you want to provide your child or children with the best car seat there is in the market. What you need to know now is that there are different kinds of car seats and each kind is appropriate for children in specific age groups.


Infant Car Seat

  • An infant car seat is mainly designed to accommodate infants or babies that are 2 years old and below. Some infant seats can only carry babies who weigh up to 22 to 35 pounds. Infant seats are especially design to face the back of the car. It is equipped with buckles that will snugly restrain the baby while traveling. Most infant seats can be converted into a stroller.
  • One of the downsides that come along with infant seats is that it can’t be used for a long time. So, you would need to buy another set of car seat for your growing baby. Although this is the case, most infant car seats are of the appropriate size, convenient to install or carry around, and can be attached and converted into a stroller.

Best Choice:  Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat


Travel System

  • A travel system is a set of travel carrier for babies. It commonly has an infant carrier or a car seat to be used inside the vehicle while traveling. The travel system also comes with a car seat base that can be attached to the rear seat of the car. The baby carrier can be removed from the base of the car seat and can be put into a stroller system.
  • The complete set of travel system makes it multifunctional and practical in so many ways. It is s handy baby tool to bring around especially when families are fond of travelling by car. These travel systems are made from durable materials to ensure safety and quality. It is also very comfortable for the baby and convenient for the parents at the same time.
  • Most car seat reviews would agree that a travel system has additional features that make it all the more convenient to use. A great travel system comes with a functional storage for baggage. The best car seats have enough side pouches or pockets to place the baby’s stuff in. This allows you to have a baby bottle, extra clothes and nappies near your reach.

Best Choice: Britax B-Agile Travel System


Convertible Car Seat

  • A convertible car seat is the type of car seat that can be transformed to either a rear-facing or a forward facing seat. The convertible seats are very useful especially when you frequently travel by car with your child. When you buy a convertible seat for your child you will be able to get several advantages. Convertible seats protect children better than car seat belts. Also it is very budget-friendly and is more spacious than an infant car seat.
  • Convertible car seats can carry heavier load, even if the child weighs up to 80 pounds. If one child outgrows a convertible seat, another younger child in the family can use it as well. What is great with convertible seats is that they are easy to install and easy to remove.
  • Convertible car seat has several features that make it a top-notch product among other types of car seats. These pieces are made with high quality to ensure safety and comfort of the babies and convenience of use for the parents. Aside from the fact that these car seats are durable, they are also easy to maintain and clean.

Best Choice: Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat


Booster Car Seat

  • The booster car seat is one that is patronized by many parents for the safety and comfort of their children as they grow older. Because children won’t stay as young babies forever, they will soon outgrow their infant car seats.
  • What the boost seat does is to accommodate larger babies who don’t usually fit in smaller types of car seats. An infant car seat would not be the best car seat of you can have for a baby that grows quickly. A convertible seat may be able to accommodate grown babies. However, some babies seems even outgrow large convertible car seats.
  • This is where quality, safe and comfortable booster seat becomes dependable. Booster car seats have safety harnesses that secure larger babies properly. Booster seats can have high back rests or no back rests at all. A booster seat is designed in a way that larger and more active children can be kept safe at the maximum level.

Best Choice: Britax Pinnacle 90 Booster Car Seat


Remember that when you buy the best car seat, you can always look into several types and compare each of their prices. Look through different shops and ask for a quote. Or if you want, you can read car seat reviews over the internet and look for the ones with the best reviews coming from its users.

Investing on the right type of car seats will ensure your child’s safety while travelling. Make sure to keep important things in mind when you buy car seats. Get products from very trusted brands and only from highly reliable suppliers.

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